Our team of trades people are experienced and well qualified to work in today’s technological environment. We are able to manage large projects from initial design to startup. We provide our customers with cost effective, safe, high quality, on-time installations.


A skilled commercial electrician is a necessity for any business. Down time can be costly and the quality of electrical work performed has a direct affect on not only the aesthetics of your location, but also its overall function. Our team of professionals understands the need for quick turnarounds to get your business back to working for you.


Whether you are a homeowner who is interested in enhancing your lighting system or a contractor looking for a dependable source for electrical installation in new construction, Sibola Electric has the skills and personnel to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively.


Our project management team has the experience and skill to ensure customer goals are met on projects from small to large scale. Sibola Electric and its partners have designed and managed many projects from the initial concept to completion.


An Electricity Survey and Analysis is a preliminary stage Energy Audit that details the analysis of energy consumption and usage within a building with a main concentration on the building’s existing electricity using equipment including Lighting, Heating and Cooling Systems.


Arc flash burn injuries and deaths are caused each year by arc-flash explosions. Arc flashes present numerous dangers to electrical workers due to the extremely intense high-level heat generated in an arc flash and the pressure wave from an arc blast incident. Understanding the possibility of an arc flash will help you to mitigate the risk to your employees.